Tony N' Tina's Wedding. 2016

To start off on a personal note, I am one of those people who enjoys weddings; it’s a rare excuse to dress up, eat, and dance for an evening with family members who don’t care that I’m not a great dancer, because hey- neither are they. I will also add that I am one of those people who enjoys watching movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which are made up of that perfect formula of hilarious chaos and a sense of familiarity that makes us love hold our loved ones a little closer for a moment, knowing full well that we will probably be angry with them at the next wedding because Jeremy forgot the vests and now the whole color scheme is off.

If you’re someone who enjoys an evening of dance, Italian food, and laughter, AND  if you love your family despite all of their endearing short comings, Tony n’ Tina’s Wedding is a not-to-miss show. From the second you walk through the steeple doors of Resurrection Church for the ceremony, the cast of talented actors take you under their wing and make you feel like you’re part of the family for the entire evening down to the last dance.

Spike Manton