Thrones. October 2016


“The HBO show Game of Thrones is a thrilling, nail-biting ride through the politics of war in the land of Westeros, a place with such dirty politics that even actor Sean Bean didn’t survive the first season. Baby Wants Candy’s musical parody THRONES! THE MUSICAL PARODY takes the grit, sexual tension, and angst-ridden characters as well as the deep, deep loyalty that its fan base has grown around it to poke fun at everything- including the fans themselves. The show surrounds five die-hard Game of Thrones fans who have put long hours into creating costumes and memorizing every aspect of the show trying to bring their apathetic friend up to speed before the season premiere begins. Thrones! is a cheeky, witty retelling of the tales of Westeros including upbeat musical numbers with clever lyrics that are guaranteed to be stuck in your head days later. It’s perfect for fans and nonfans of the original series.”