The Bardy Bunch. September 2016

Our new sales and group marketing associate, Larissa Strong, recently saw a preview of The Bardy Bunch, which opened last night to rave reviews at  at The Mercury Theater Chicago.  Here is what Larissa had to say about the show:

Before going into The Bardy Bunch, I had only been told two things. The first, that it was a show about a rivalry between the Partridge Family and the Brady Bunch, two shows I only knew of from two or three reruns and catching the back half of A Very Brady Movie. The second, that the show had some very Shakespearian drama. As the show progressed, I was shown how much more there was to this concept. If you are only vaguely aware of the two families and their run on television like myself, playwright Stephen Garvey takes care of you; it's less about alluding to the old shows and more about the absurdity of family-based sitcoms, making it very accessible to those who didn't watch the shows. As for the Shakespeare... Well, let's just say that there is a lot more to it than a few themes. The entire show is crafted around the plots and characters of Shakespeare's works and almost makes me want to re-watch it with a checklist of his plays. It moves from simply being about Marsha Brady and Keith Partridge's Romeo and Juliet-inspired forbidden love, to the entire play of Hamlet, and to off-hand reverences to the Bard's other works (hence why it's titled the BARD-y Bunch). And since it is so very Shakespearian in theme, my only recommendation for the audience is: don't get too attached to anyone- everyone in Shakespeare's plays is fair game when it comes to untimely, and grisly,  deaths. 

Spike Manton