Christmas Schooner at the Mercury Theatre. December 2016

Christmas Schooner 12/13/16

“The day I saw the Christmas Schooner was first day that it actually snowed in Chicago, and I remember thinking to myself how picturesque it was to go and see a Christmas play when the fresh powder was still sprinkling down to line the streets, and not yet dirty from all of the Chicago traffic. I was still dusting snow off my coat when I was walking into the theater and was immediately hit with the smell of fresh pine trees. The Christmas Schooner is, above everything else, a hark back to those old Christmas memories that each generation of children carries with them. Some of these memories and traditions have faded, like the Mummers the show mentions who went door to door covered in hay asking for schnapps, but some have lasted since the Stossel family’s time through to our present day; most notable being the glittering Christmas tree that stands proudly at centerstage. It’s for the lack of Christmas trees in Chicago that Captain Stossel makes his unprecedented voyage across Lake Michigan in the winter, his ship loaded down with all types of pine trees to bring to those who miss that symbol of Christmas. The Christmas Schooner is a heartwarming story of family and heritage by those who came to America with only what they could carry- including their most precious holiday memories.”

Spike Manton